Australian Mobile Phone & Plan Providers

A list of Australian Mobile Phone & Plan Providers:

Call Telstra: 1800 338 052

Create a world of 1 click, 1 touch, 1 button, 1 screen, 1 step solutions that are simple, easy and valued by individuals, businesses, enterprise and government.

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Call Optus: 1300 133 652

Optus Australia is a leading ISP and integrated communications company. Optus provides a broad range of services including Optus Broadband Internet and satellite services, telephony products, mobile, business network services and subscription television.

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Call Vodafone: 1300 789 186

Vodafone won Australia's third mobile licence in 1992 and began actively marketing its digital mobile service in 1993. Vodafone's national customer base now extends to more than 3 million customers Australia wide.

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Virgin Mobile - Are you with us or what? Yes, we're passionate about what we do, and we'll always have fun while getting the job done. We love simple and easy to understand offers.

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Connect to the stuff that counts with Boost Mobile.

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amaysim is Australia’s first low cost mobile provider keeping things simple and fair. Change the way you think about your mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

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Call Telstra Business: 1800 830 014

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Mobile phones news

Telstra and Ericsson to launch 5G

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider will partner with Ericsson to test out 5G as it ramps up its 4G network. The new agreement was announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Mike Wright, Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Networks said that the two companies will work together and test out 5G as the […]


Solar and wind could offer ‘cheaper power than coal’

THEY account for less than 4 per cent of our electricity generation now, but solar and wind could be cheaper than coal by 2030, according to the Climate Commission. Chief commissioner Professor Tim Flannery said rooftop solar panels may already be cheaper than conventional electricity in areas with high power prices, such as south-west Western […]


Mobile data usage sparks bill shock

CLOSE to half of Australian mobile users are receiving bill shock and paying 40 per cent more than their advertised monthly contract, according to a study of the sector by Macquarie University. The study finds that the average advertised monthly cap cost is about $53 but the actual cost to consumers averages $73. The study’s […]