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LG GM730 Physical Specifications Review Video

The LG GM730 follows the typical mould that we have now come to expect from a touchscreen handset; a minimalistic body, a touch responsive screen and .... not much else. In an attempt to break the stereotypical mould and give the handset some unique flare, LG has focused the majority of their design work on the handsets edges. The corners and sides of the phone are elegantly smoothed and rounded to a degree that that phone gives of an impression likeable to holding a very smooth and round pebble. At 109.8x56.5x119mm and only weighing in at 107 grams you can feel where this likeness comes from; its remarkable small and lightweight for a smartphone in its class. Undoubtable it will fit nice and comfortable in any pocket and its streamlined casing will reduce any signs of a phone bulge.

The touchscreen on the LG GM730 measures in at only 3 inches and has a resolution of 400 X 240 pixels, and to be honest the display is slightly disappointing, it feels a tad too small for its body, it’s a far cry from leading window mobile device such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which offers a display with 800 X 400 pixels.

I’m waiting for the day when a manufacturer releases a handset that is somewhat fingerprint resistant and unfortunately the LG GM730 is not to be that phone. The LG GM730 casing is a fine mixture of metal finish and plastic but as hinted at it’s a magnet for fingerprints.

The handsets rear casing follows a wavy carbon like design and hides the slot for a microSD, the battery unit and the 5 megapixel camera.

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