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LG KM900 Arena Major Functions Review Video

Being a multimedia centric phone we expected the sound quality to be outstanding and the LG KM900 did not disappoint. The Dolby Mobile enhanced audio produces a great sound, incoming and outgoing calls where crystal clear, movie and music audio was fantastic even the speakerphone was above average.

Regardless of which screen you are on , writing a text is only a click away. However you might encounter some problems while trying to compose a message, the on-screen keys lack accuracy and feel a tad too cramped; it will take some time to master.

During our time with the phone we found that the accelerometer on occasions had trouble distinguishing between being in a horizontal or a vertical position causing an annoyance when we wanted to use the QWERTY as oppose to the numeric keyboard, or watch a video in landscape.

Navigation on the other hand is a blast using the 3D cube, a simple flick of the virtual cube will display one of 4 screens each with its only set of apps and functions.

There is a Shortcut screen which allows you to place up too nine function icons of your choosing.

The first of the 4 screens is a contacts screen which allows you to access your favourite contacts via a single click, the contacts are displayed via a cool rotatable panel with each contact represented by a large icon which can be customised to display any image of your choosing.

The next two screens are the multimedia screen and the widget screen. The multimedia screen is used to either access your videos, music files or your pictures once again the files are represented in a similar format as the contacts on the contacts page and can be accessed by rotating the panels. The widget screen holds all your applications such as notes, the fm radio, world clock and so forth. Currently the application selection is limited, it would be nice if in the not so distant future LG releases more applications.

Back to the positives the KM900 has up 4 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of standby time, giving you plenty of uptime to watch all those videos and browse the web.

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