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Energy Guides Australia

Check out our guides below to learn about all things energy! 

Here you will find our handy guides about electricity and gas. These guides are designed to help you save money on your home energy plan, while also teaching you about energy tariffs, pensioner concession discounts & more!
This section will be updated as new guides are created, so be sure to check out this page again for new guides that get published.
You can also check out our Frequently-Asked-Questions page to gain insight into some more specific terminologies around energy. 

What is the Default Market Offer?

The 'Default Market Offer' is a new regulated electricity plan that will be replacing the existing standing offers around the country, beginning from the first ...
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Compare Energy Plans NSW

As energy prices keep rising, trying to find ways to save money on the utility is becoming a more frustrating task. Sadly, according to figures released by the...
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Compare Energy Plans VIC

In the past year, there has been a disturbingly growing number of households in Victoria who have been finding it more difficult to pay their energy bills.  Ac...
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Compare Energy Plans SA

There are new guidelines being written up the Australian Energy Regulator that aim to assist residential customers who are on energy hardship programs.  As ene...
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A Guide to Energy Hardship Programs

Most households in Australia are no strangers to rising electricity & gas prices.  In fact, since 2008 electricity and gas combined to be the fastest-risin...
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9 Facts You May Not Know About Energy

Below are nine facts that you may or may not know about energy.    • Ever wondered why birds don’t get electrocuted while sitting on a power line? That is b...
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12 Tips to Keep Cool in the Summer

We are well and truly deep into the summer season, with scorching temperatures across Australia that may have some of us already wanting for the cold embrace of...
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6 More Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Do you find that your electricity bill has been increasing in the past year? Are you trying to find new ways to try and bring the quarterly costs down?  With t...
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Electricity Discounts for Pensioners & Seniors

Did you know that if you have a valid Pensioner Concession Card then you may be eligible for a discount on your electricity bills. Depending on which state you ...
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A Youcompare Guide for Moving into a New House

When you are moving into a new home, especially if it is your first time moving out and into a new place, the whole process can be an exciting but deeply challe...
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6 Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

By making a few small changes around your house, you may be able to save yourself money on your energy bills. Here are our six tips for what you can do in order...
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How the July Energy Rates Affect You

This guide was originally published on the 12th, March 2018.  From the 1st of July this year, energy companies have began adjusting their tariffs for their ele...
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Electricity Tariffs and What They Mean

The state of the electricity and gas industry can be highly confusing for many Australians to understand. As the household bills continue to rise, electricity c...
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To ensure that you are not paying too much money for energy, consider comparing your energy plan every six months or so.

If your fixed-contract has or is close to lapsing, then consider comparing energy rates to see if there is a better offer for you.

Otherwise, if your energy provider notifies you of a rates change to your energy plan, then you should also compare your plan to the other offers in the market to see if you can save money.

You can begin comparing energy plans by filling out a quick form that will allow us to find the best energy plans that suit your household needs.

When you have filled out the energy form, our energy experts will begin searching for the best available electricity & gas plans for you. Once we have compiled a few great options, we will call you to discuss the different plans over the phone.

If you decide to switch to a new energy plan, we will work with your chosen energy provider to switch over your energy connection.

For more information, give us a call at 1300 683 009.

Comparing your energy plan with Youcompare comes at no cost to you.

Using our services to compare energy rates and switching to a better plan is 100% free. 

There may be exit fees on your current energy bill. Be sure to check with your provider on potential exit fees before you make the switch to avoid getting caught out with fees.