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6 Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

By making a few small changes around your house, you may be able to save yourself money on your energy bills. Here are our six tips for what you can do in order to cut down on your energy usage.

Here are six more tips for saving money on electricity.

1. Change your light globes to energy-saving bulbs and LED's.

Energy efficient LED globes could save you up to 80 percent off your electricity costs! So check all of your current globes in the house, and if you have a lot of older globes, now is the perfect time to make the switch.

2. Hang-dry clothes.

Using the clothes dryer to dry clothes can use quite a lot of energy. Consider minimising how often you use it to dry clothes, or hang the clothes outside on the line, or on an indoor clothes-horse to save yourself some money.

3. Heating/Cooling

Did you know that every degree over 20 degrees can add around 10 percent to your energy bill? So it is best to set your heating to somewhere between 18-20°C, while portable heaters also burn through a lot of money per year so disconnect the portable heaters.

For cooling down the house, try to limit the usage of your air cons if possible, as they use up a lot of energy. Consider using fans instead for the lesser heats, and only use the air con when it reaches over 30°C.

Whether heating or cooling, close all the doors and keep the curtains closed in order to retain a consistent temperature inside the house.

4. Switch off appliances at the wall when not in use.

Try to get into the practice of turning off the powerpoints and appliances when they are not in use, in order to cut the costs of your electricity bills. While TV's have a 'standby' mode when turned off with a remote, they still use energy. So when going to bed, consider turning them off at the power outlets, and turning off your computers and printers when going to bed.

5. Heat up water in electric kettle.

When cooking a meal that requires boiling water, consider using an electric kettle to boil it instead of the stove top. Not only is an electric kettle more energy efficient, but it does the job a lot quicker as well!

6. Find the right energy plan for your household with Youcompare.

Call Youcompare at 1300 683 009 to speak to one of our energy experts, to see if you can find the right energy deal for you. 

Or you can fill out this form and we will begin comparing the different energy plans for you, or browse our energy plans by provider or region.


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