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9 Facts You May Not Know About Energy

Below are nine facts that you may or may not know about energy


  • • Ever wondered why birds don’t get electrocuted while sitting on a power line? That is because the electricity likes to take the easy route by travelling through the power cables. A bird offers too much resistance for the electricity to bother trying to pass through it, so instead of electrocuting the bird, the current will just continue on it’s course down the powerline. However, if the bird was to come into contact with two powerlines…

  • • Did you know that a microwave can cook, defrost and re-heat food while still using less energy than a standard oven? Just remember to unplug the microwave when it’s not in use to save even more money on your energy bills.

  • • Solar energy, which comes from the sun, is a clean source of renewable energy, as it does not pollute the air with damaging gases. Solar power is produced from the energy that comes from the sun, and the power is then turned into electricity. 

  • • LED light globes produce more light or lumens with the least amount of wattage or electricity, compared to halogen and incandescent globes. If you have any halogens globes in your home, switch them now for LED globes to save yourself up to $253 in savings per year!

  • • Set your air conditioner’s temperature on the thermostat to a degree between 24oC and 26oC to keep your house at a comfortable level. Every degree lower you go will increase your air conditioner costs by 10 per cent.

  • • Did you know that there is a phantom in your house that sucks power? Otherwise known as “vampire power”, phantom energy uses energy without you necessarily knowing about it. Chargers left plugged in or other gadgets left plugged into the wall when not in use is still using energy - even if the device is not turned on. To stop the ‘vampire’ from sucking your energy, unplug devices when not in use and don’t leave wall switches turned on.

  • • An electric eel can generate up to 100 watts to stun prey or defend itself from an attack.

  • • Electricity can travel near 90 per cent of the speed of light - though the actual number depends on the wire dimensions among other factors.

  • • In Australia, 85% of our electricity comes from the traditional source, or fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.



We hope that you have come away from this with some new-found knowledge on energy. Electricity is everywhere - and we simply could not live without it. Literally. From powering the human body to powering our gadgets, charging our phones or providing extra medical support at home for those in need.

The power of electricity means that the way we consume it needs to be thoroughly assessed, especially as the cost of getting electricity to our homes can easily get expensive.

So check all of your appliances, ensure they are energy-efficient - otherwise, here are six more tips on how you can save money on energy at home, as well as saving money on electricity during summer, when you need to keep the house or yourself cool.


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