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How the July Energy Rates Affect You

From the 1st of July this year, energy companies have began adjusting their tariffs for their electricity and gas plans. Check out our tables below for all of the known price changes from each provider in your state. More will be added to this list as they become known.

Origin opened up the pricing changes by reducing the costs of their electricity tariffs in all of the states, by up to 1.3 percent for residents and a 4 percent decrease for small businesses in South-Eastern Queensland. Unfortunately for New South Wales, Origin opted to keep electricity prices the same. Instead, NSW residents and small businesses who are on the gas plans, will see a dip in their next bill as they drop by 3 percent and 4 percent respectively. 

AGL have dropped their electricity rates across three of the four states with a 1.6 percent price drop to residents in South-Eastern Queensland, while small businesses will only see a marginal drop by 1 percent. Unfortunately for gas customers in New South Wales and South Australia, AGL have increased the prices by up to 2.1 percent for residential customers, while small businesses in South Australia will see a 4.6 percent increase.

New South Wales

ProvidersElectricity (Residents)Gas (Residents)Electricity (Small Business)Gas (Small Business)
Origin0.0%- 3.0%0.0%- 4.0%
AGL- 0.3%+ 1.8%- 0.1%+ 2.5%


Queensland (South-Eastern)

ProvidersElectricity (Residents)Gas (Residents)Electricity (Small Business)Gas (Small Business)
Origin- 1.3%0.0%- 4.0%0.0%
AGL- 1.6%0.0%- 1.0%0.0%


South Australia

ProvidersElectricity (Residents)Gas (Residents)Electricity (Small Business)Gas (Small Business)
Origin- 1.0%0.0%- 1.4%0.0%
AGL- 0.4%+ 2.1%- 0.3%+ 4.6%


Australian Capital Territory

ProvidersElectricity (Residents)Gas (Residents)Electricity (Small Business)Gas (Small Business)
Origin0.0%0.0%0.0%- 1.9%


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Here are six tips on how to save money on electricity.

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