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A Regulated Energy Price Could Save You Up To $420 Annually

A recent report has forecast that if the Federal Government introduces a regulated electricity price that is fair, that there could be savings up to $420 on your annual electricity bill.

Some households may even be able to save up to $1000 a year on their electricity bill, if "they are on bad offers".

Low-income households have the most to gain from a regulated energy price, as they are spending four times more for their electricity than high-income households1.

Households in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & South Australia could greatly benefit from a fair regulated standing offer for electricity.

At the present time, these four states do not have a regulated electricity price.

The Federal Government has announced that they will be working on introducing a regulated price for standing offers.

Also, as of February 1 2019, energy providers will have to notify you of rates changes to your energy plan at least five business days in advance. This is to help you make more informed decisions about whether you remain on your existing energy plan or to compare plans for a better deal.

1 ’New report shows regulated retail price could save NSW, Vic, Qld & SA households more than $300 a year on electricity bills’ Australian Council of Social Service


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