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A Youcompare Guide for Moving into a New House

When you are moving into a new home, especially if it is your first time moving out and into a new place, the whole process can be an exciting but deeply challenging venture. Below are some tips to keep in mind if you are currently or do plan to move house in the near future.


The single most important element to moving into a new house is to ensure that you have your electricity and gas services connected. You don't want to move in and be left without power for over a week. Browse our energy plans or call one of our energy experts to get your new house set up with electricity.

If you ring us up and commit to an electricity plan before 12pm, your new house will be connected on the same day! Otherwise, 99.9 percent of agreements after 12pm will be connected the very next day. In the rare chance that your new house cannot be connected on the same day or the next, your house will be connected within three days.

Note that these do not apply if you're new house already has an existing electricity connection, and switching to a new electricity provider may take a little bit longer.

Here are six tips on how to save money on electricity.




Behind electricity, gas and water, having a live internet connection is perhaps the next most important utility to have. This is because there are many things that require the internet in order for you to get the most out of it. Your mobile phone will run out of mobile data quite quickly, but having a home internet connection will lessen the pressure on your data as long as your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi.

You will need the internet to do anything, whether it is browsing the internet, streaming shows or movies from Netflix or working from home on your laptop or desktop computer. 

Browse our broadband, ADSL and NBN plans to find the best internet connection for your new home and ensure that it is ready to go for when you move in.



Home Phone

The next thing to worry about on your checklist is to connect your landline up. However, connecting a home phone does depend on whether you think you will need it or so - nowadays, most people opt to just use their mobile phone to make calls to their family and friends. 

However, if you feel that you will greatly benefit from having a connected home phone, then check out our home phone plans below.

Also, if you require both a home phone as well as a broadband connection, then you can bundle them both together to get a discounted rate and get both services connected by the same provider!



Mobile Plans

While a new mobile phone is probably the least of your worries when you have just purchased a new house and are in the process of moving in, however we don't just compare mobile phone plans. An alternative to getting a home broadband connection is that you could also consider getting a mobile data plan instead.

A mobile data plan consists of purchasing a monthly plan similar to what you do with your mobile phone, but instead you stick the new data SIM into a compatible router which will then provide wireless internet to your house via the mobile data SIM.

Check out our plans below to see if you can benefit from having a wireless internet connection.



Pay TV

Once you have all the necessary utilities down to pat, then consider bulking up your home entertainment and television-viewing options by browsing our Pay TV plans. Whether it's Foxtel or Fetch TV, have a browse through and see how many channels you could add to your free-to-air viewing.

You can also bundle your Pay TV subscription with a new Broadband plan. Check out our plans and bundles below.



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