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Do you need to compare solar electricity?

Pay less and earn more for solar. If you have solar panels, you should be looking for a few things when choosing the right energy company. Look at how much your electricity usage rates are, and how much discount you get for paying your bill. You should also look at how much you earn from feeding your solar power back in to the grid. By comparing usage and feed-in rates you will get a faster return on your solar panel system. The next thing to do is compare your current solar deal against others in the market.

Comparing solar deals couldn't be easier. Browse solar energy feed-in tariffs from a variety or electricity companies, and see which ones add up for you. After all, you want your solar power system to pay itself back as quickly as possible. Compare credit amounts against your power bill from different energy suppliers. The credit amounts vary depending on many factors including which state or territory you live in, usage rates, contracts, tariffs and government incentive amounts. Some energy retailers even offer additional feed-in contributions as an incentive for switching to their solar product. If this all seems a bit too much, call one of our solar power experts on 1300 683 009 and let them help you compare some great solar deals.

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