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Choosing the right home phone connection type


A Landline (aka Fixed line) Phone services uses a traditional PSTN copper wire line for voice communication and is available almost anywhere in Australia. A Landline Phone service is still the most common form of Phone service in Australia, although Mobile Phone services are becoming increasingly popular, and typically provides superior voice quality compared to other types of Phone services. Getting connected to a Landline service is a very simple process as most residences usually have a Phone line pre-installed at their residence.

Broadband phone

A Broadband Phone (aka Internet Phone or VoIP Phones - Voice over Internet Protocol) is a rapidly emerging communication method that uses the Internet to send and receive voice transmissions, opposed to traditional PSTN telephone lines. Broadband Phone services extend to nearly everywhere in Australia that Broadband is available. Although not as popular as Landline Phone services, VoIP technology is constantly improving and can occasionally match the clarity that Landline services provide. Getting connected to a Broadband Phone service requires a Broadband connection and a Phone Adaptor or VoIP Modem/Router.

Wireless phone

A Wireless Phone service uses a device such as a Wi-Fi Modem to log onto a phone network (e.g. 3G/HSPA) in order to make telephone calls, similarly to mobile phone technology. Another type of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, a Wireless Phone service also functions equivalently to a Broadband Phone (aka VoIP) service as it fundamentally uses the Internet to transmit voice communications. A Wireless Phone service provider should supply all required peripherals when joining up to a Wireless phone plan.

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