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Frequently Asked Questions

For new customers, the standard installation fee is $100, while the iQ3 set-top box required to air the Foxtel channels is an additional $125. Note, these are one-time purchases that are needed in order to get a Foxtel connection into your home or business. Each additional iQ3 box for another room will only be $25 per month.

Foxtel has a variety of different channel packs that need to be purchased for you to have access to certain channels, and these prices can vary, depending on 'special deals' and 'offers' that may be advertised. These packs are treated as a subscription-based model, with month-to-month flat-rate payments, and this will be the only ongoing cost beyond the initial installation period.

Foxtel is a subscription-based pay television provider, that was established in 1995 as a partnership by News Corporation and Telstra, where the name is derived from both companies, 'Fox' representing News Corp. and 20th Century Fox specifically, and 'Tel' representing Telstra.

In addition to providing a multitude of cable television channels via the iQ3 set-top box, Foxtel also has the Foxtel app (formerly known as Foxtel Go), as well as Foxtel Now (a streaming alternative that requires an internet connection).

A data communication technology that transmits information over a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Faster than a regular phone connection, DSL uses a large proportion of a copper wire telephone line that is unused. Internet speeds of up to 24,000kbs (24mbs) can be achieved using DSL services.

Internet access method that uses a computer, modem and telephone line to connect to the Internet (via Internet Service Provider node).