How to Save Battery On Your Mobile Phone

As mobile phones are getting released with more features that are turning these little devices into mini-computers in our pockets, the one thing that is becoming more important is conserving battery. As these smartphones are gaining more advanced technology, the battery itself may also be susceptible to draining faster.

Of course, the batteries themselves are also getting better. But with the streaming culture that we have become, whether it is Netflix or Spotify, as well as the need to always be on our phones browsing social media and keeping up to date with the world, battery usage is also draining just as quickly.

Here are some tips to save battery on your mobile phone so that it can last longer throughout the day.



Using your apps is the quickest way to drain your phone's battery. Some apps use more battery than others, so always be aware of how much battery you have left in your phone as you decide which apps you plan on using.

Another trick to saving battery is to close your apps after you are finished using them. By default, when you press the home button on your smartphones, the phone will only minimise the app but leave it running in the background and as such, using more juice. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android, bring up the multi-windows view and clear all the panels to permanently close the apps, and as such, save battery.



Adjust your phone's brightness settings to conserve battery. Most phones have an 'Auto-Brightness' setting that will detect how high you need your brightness to be depending on your light setting. This is highly recommended if you wish to use as little battery as possible on your brightness, as having those setting pushed to 'high' all the time will drain it quicker.



What makes mobile phones extremely useful is how close you are to your social media accounts and emails. Your phone will also by default send you instant notifications from these various apps as you get new messages. 

But turning the automatic notifications off will save you a heap of battery. Don't worry about not receiving notifications though, as your apps will still fetch them when you next open up the app. You just won't need them to send you notifications into your notification panel when you are not actively using the app. 


Features Not in Use

The two most frequent connections that you may have turned on are the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons. Of course, when you are at home you probably want your mobile phone to rely on your home wireless data instead of using the more expensive mobile data, while Bluetooth is becoming more common to link your phone to your car's stereo for when you're driving home from work.

However, when you are not at home or you are in a public place that does not offer Wi-Fi, or you do not require your Bluetooth connection, then turn them both off.

That way, your mobile phone will not be constantly searching for the next available Wi-Fi connection, or for an open Bluetooth pairing. 

You can always turn them back on when you need them again, and they take under five seconds usually to begin pairing with available connections.

Other features you may not need are things like GPS or location tracking services that are constantly in use to map your location. When you are venturing out into new territory, then you'll need these so that you won't get lost. But if you are going somewhere that you know quite well, and you don't think you'll need this service, then turn it off.


Airplane/Flight Mode

This setting can be your best friend in those dire moments when you need to conserve as much battery as possible. Putting your mobile on airplane or flight mode will save a lot of battery, as the phone will turn off all of it's outgoing connections. While that will mean you will not have mobile data or lose the ability to receive phone calls and messages, save this setting for when you will not be able to use your phone.

For instance, as the name suggests, turning this on while you are on plane is required. But even when you're in the cinemas and don't wish to be disturbed for a couple of hours, or when you are in a long meeting at work, this tool will save a lot of battery on your mobile phone.


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