LG Patents Foldable Smart Phone

Let'sGoDigital revealed through a patent that was published back in June of this year, that LG has plans of their own for a foldable smartphone. The designs and images that accompanied the patent look very similar to the rumoured Galaxy X foldable device that Samsung is working on.

What gives both Samsung and LG the edge in trying to discover a way to make the foldable smartphone concept possible is that, in addition to being in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, both companies also are in the OLED and LCD display screen industries. Supplying screens to other smartphone brands may also give both Samsung and LG room to experiment with different types of screens and folding mechanisms to find a suitable way for the phone to fold without damaging the display screen itself.

According to the patent, when the phone is folded, the display will be switched off and it will only turn on once the phone is unfolded. In the images attached to the patent, the camera may also be situated next to the hinge of the bend, so that it can be used without having to unfold the phone, while the fold may also double as a stand for taking photos.

There are some fascinating and fruitful ideas in that patent, so it is best to have a look for yourself to see what LG may or may not be planning for their foldable smartphone. Just keep in mind that these patents are merely ideas at this stage, and there is a chance that these devices may never get revealed as these ideas may get left by the wayside.

While both Samsung and LG may have differing or the same ideas in regards to how to overcome the screen-damaging obstacle of this foldable concept, it will be fascinating to see which rumours and facts will come to light as we get closer to their eventual 2019 release dates.

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