LG V40 May Feature Five Cameras

To continue the spate of rumours floating around about the upcoming handset devices from the various mobile phone big brands, a source has revealed to Android Police that LG's upcoming successor to the V30 will raise the expectations in terms of cameras. The V40 device may contain five cameras! 

The source explains further that the camera setup will see two cameras on the front, with the triple-cameras on the rear of the phone. At this stage, only the Huawei P20 Pro features the triple-camera setup on the rear. However, sources and leaks have also suggested that Apple and Samsung are also planning on implementing the three-camera rear setup for their next premium handsets.

However, it seems the ace that LG have up their sleeve over the Galaxy S10 and iPhone X2 according to the rumoured specs, is that the LG will also have a dual front-facing camera as well. If true, the LG V40 will be the only mobile device to pack five on-board cameras, which would be a huge selling point.

The dual-front cameras also further suggests that the LG V40 may also contain some form of 3D facial identification, which puts this phone's feature specifications in line with the other major competitors, according to their rumours. However, unlike those brands who seem to be ditching fingerprint and Touch ID in favour of the facial identification, the LG V40 still seems to be retaining the rear fingerprint sensor. This increases the value proposition as it means it will have two methods of security, as opposed to just locking you into one form of it. 

The three rear cameras will feature a standard wide-lens, LG's ultra wide lens, and a third lens that is yet-to-be-determined. The V40 will probably also contain a notch that can be "hidden", similar to the LG G7.

Again, everything that is rumoured needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as LG are yet to make any formal announcements.

As always, you can keep up with the latest mobile phone facts and rumours.


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