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Mobile Phone Facts and Rumours

This page will be used to keep track of all the upcoming mobile phones, both announced and yet-to-be announced, and their rumoured specs, features among other things. Check back here daily for frequent updates.   Click the brands below to jump to that section on the page. • Samsung • Apple • Google • LG • Huawei ...

Mobile Base Stations Go Live: Round 3

Announced back in July, Telstra's first mobile base station from the Round 3 sites has gone live. The residents of East Lynne in New South Wales will now have improved 3G and 4G mobile coverage emanating from the base station, reported by ZDNet.

CRN also reports that Telstra has built a mobile base station on Darnley Island or Erub in the native language. Located near the Great Barrier Reef, in the eastern section of the Torres Strait, the 300 or so residents will now have access to 3G and 4G coverage, where before they had relied on radio links for landline coverage.

Telstra have in total, 89 base stations to construct for round three of the mobile blackspots program, with Optus and Vodafone sharing 13 between them in the telcos and Australian Government's pledge to erase the mobile blackspots in the country.

Though Telstra has gone live with a base station from round three first, Optus are still building 114 mobile stations from the second round of the Government's blackspot program, with Telstra in charge of building 148, and Vodafone with just four mobile sites for round two.


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