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Mobile Phone Facts and Rumours

This page will be used to keep track of all the upcoming mobile phones, both announced and yet-to-be announced, and their rumoured specs, features among other things. Check back here daily for frequent updates.


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CNET via Korea Herald reported that the earliest we may get a glimpse of the upcoming Galaxy devices will be in January 2019!

• It seems that the Galaxy S10 will actually have three different models: 'Beyond 0' will be the 5.8 inch model with a flat screen and a single rear camera, 'Beyond 1' will be the standard 5.8 inch with a curved screen and dual-rear cameras, and 'Beyond 2' will be the flagship 6.2 inch device with the triple-rear cameras mentioned above.

• Plus, there are suggestions that the Galaxy S10 will not implement the iris scanning technology, switching it out for 3D facial-recognition instead. Again, it not yet known which of the three Galaxy S10's will receive this tech.


Samsung Galaxy S10 - Entry-Level (Beyond 0)

• According to some reports, this entry-level device will have a flat-screen display, with conflicting reports pegging the size at either 5-inch or 5.8-inch.

• There's also rumours that this device will feature a single-front camera and dual-rear cameras.

• This device is rumoured to have a fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone, unlike 'Beyond 1' and 'Beyond 2'.


Samsung Galaxy S10 (Beyond 1)

• This will most likely be the standard offering for the Galaxy S10 series with a rumoured 5.8-inch display.

• IceUniverse has 'leaked' the supposed design of the Galaxy S10. The image suggests that it will heavily rival the Oppo Find X screen-to-body ratio, while also possibly having the front cameras on a tray hidden inside the phone.

• This device is rumoured to have the Fingerprint-on-Display technology.

• This phone is rumoured to have a single-front facing camera and a triple-rear camera setup.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Beyond 2)

• This device is rumoured to have the 6.2-inch display.

The Bell have reported that this iteration of the Samsung Galaxy will also follow the Huawei's P20 Pro with three-rear cameras as well as the two-front cameras to bring the total number of cameras on this phone to five!

• This device is rumoured to have the Fingerprint-on-Display technology.


Samsung Galaxy X

• The Samsung Galaxy X is rumoured to be the foldable mobile phone device that Samsung has been working on, complete with a foldable battery.

• If all goes as planned, this device could be released early 2019


Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite

• It seems that Samsung still has more mobile phones on the horizon for 2018. With the launch of their mid-tier Galaxy A8 earlier in the year, Samsung's next phone has been outed as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite.


• It will be a budget device of the Galaxy S8 phone from last year, though it will still contain many of the same features, such as the dedicated-assistant button for Bixby, as well as the rear fingerprint scanner.


• Below are the specifications that were listed in the FCC and TENAA listings, however until Samsung makes an official announcement regarding the phone, the information has to be taken as a rumour.


Specifications (Rumoured)


SpecsGalaxy S8 Lite
Display5.8"; 2220x1080p
Chipset (SoC)Snapdragon 660
Camera (Rear)16mp
Camera (Front)5mp


Samsung Android Go

• A spec sheet was leaked via GeekBench listings, that suggests that the unannounced SM-J260 device is perhaps the low-budget Android Go phone.

SpecsAndroid Go
Display5.0" Super AMOLED
Chipset (SoC)Exynos 7570
Camera (Rear)8mp
Camera (Front)5mp
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1 Oreo



iPhone XS Max

• This phone has now been confirmed as the iPhone XS Max.

• The iPhone X Plus is rumoured to be the 6.5" mobile device: one of the three new phones. Here is a "leaked photo" taken of the screen display. Later reports have pegged the size to be at 6.4" instead.

• It is looking more likely that the X Plus will have an OLED display, retaining the notch.

• While Apple are yet to officially announce the follow-up, The Korea Herald have reported that the follow-up to the iPhone X will feature three rear-cameras, similar to Huawei's P20 Pro, however other reports are disputing this as it is looking more likely that the iPhone X Plus will only have the dual-rear cameras.

• Specifications wise, it may consist of Apple's new A12 Bionic system-on-chip as well as 4GB of RAM, as well as possibly allowing for dual-SIM's to be in use.

• For those seeking possible colour choices, an iPhone X Plus Gold Edition could very well be a possible option, as the planned iPhone X Gold had been cancelled.

• While Samsung were the OLED venders for the iPhone X, it is rumoured that the latest contract with LG will see the South Korean company provide OLED's for the iPhone X Plus.


iPhone XS

• This phone has now been confirmed as the iPhone XS.

• This phone is rumoured to be the 5.8", as well as the next major successor to the iPhone X.

• The X2 may also feature a triple-rear camera, new depth-sensing technology and enhanced zooming. At this stage, only the Huawei P20 Pro has the three-rear camera setup.


iPhone XR

• This phone has now been confirmed as the iPhone XR.

• The 6.1" is hinted at being the lower-cost iPhone, and may be the phone with the LCD screen. This phone is reportedly delayed by two months, due to an issue with the LCD screens, so the phone may be released in November.

• A render courtesy of BGR has given a clearer indication of what the device may look like. The render has suggested that the home button and Touch ID may be omitted in favour of Face ID technology, which is also hinted at due to the sensors displayed in the notch.



Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL

• The Google Pixel 3 is rumoured to have a 5.3-inch display, while the Pixel 3 XL will have a 6.2-inch display.

• Image renders have shown what the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may look like, as well as different colour possibilities, based on the rumoured screen dimensions.

Image leaks have shown what may be the design for the Pixel 3, thanks to the screen protector cutouts. The cutouts seem to indicate duel-front facing cameras possibly for both phones, while the front-facing speaker will also return from the Pixel 2. The Pixel 3 XL also looks to have the controversial "notch" design; whereas the Pixel 3 does not.

• Pixel 3 XL will have "nearly edge-to-edge" display, aside from a thicker bottom bezel, whereas the Pixel 3 won't be edge-to-edge, with bezels on top and below.

• Unlike the previous two Pixels, HTC or LG will not be manufacturing the Pixel 3, with Foxconn taking over production duties. Foxconn have been manufacturing Apple phones since the very first iPhone right through to the iPhone X.

• It may also contain the Snapdragon 845, which is no surprise, considering Pixel 1 / 2 both have the latest Snapdragon chips.

• It is rumoured for release in the August/September timeframe. However, the previous two Pixel phones were released in October, so the October release date of the Pixel 3 sounds more likely.

• In addition to the Pixel 3 and XL versions, it is rumoured that Google are also planning a high-end Pixel to challenge the iPhone X, as well as a budget version to combat Apple's SE2. Considering the fast release of mobile phones in the 'budget' market, this rumour does not seem all that far-fetched.




• The LG Q7 is the budget version of the G7 ThinQ, and it will service that mid-tier phone market.


• There will be three different iterations: Q7a (Alpha), Q7 and Q7+ (Plus).

Display5.5" FHD+5.5" FHD+5.5" FHD+
Pixels/Aspect Ratio2160x1080; 18:92160x1080; 18:92160x1080; 18:9
Storage32 GB32GB64 GB
Camera (Rear)13mp13mp16mp
Camera (Front)5mp8mp8mp


• All phones will share the same battery, IP68 rating, fingerprint sensor and Android 8.0 'Oreo' operating system.


• There is a possibility that not all three iterations will be available in Australia; however considering that the LG Q6 was released last year, the Q7 should have an Australian release date.


LG G8 ThinQ

• While it is still extremely early for any G8 ThinQ rumours, with the recent release of the G7 ThinQ, it seems rumours are already coming through about what to expect with LG's next flagship phone. This rumour suggests that the G8 may have a 4K display screen, however takes these murmurings with a grain of salt.


LG V40

• A source close to Android Police revealed that the forthcoming LG V40 device may consist of five cameras: two front-facing cameras that may signify facial ID, as well as three rear-cameras similar to Huawei's P20 Pro. 


LG Foldable Smartphone

• A patent has revealed LG has got plans to at least experiment with developing a foldable smartphone. Not much more has been revealed at this stage.



Huawei Mate 20 / Pro

• The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is rumoured to have a 6.9 inch Samsung OLED display screen. If true, this could see the next wave of mobile phones slowly reach the display sizes of the 7 inch tablets.


• All the previous phones in the Mate series have been released in November, so expect an official release announcement around October.



Xperia XZ3

• Though the Sony XZ2 has only just been released, a specification sheet listing the supposed specs for Sony's next Xperia XZ3 has been "leaked".

SpecsXperia XZ3
Display5.7" FHD+ IPS
Pixels/Aspect Ratio2160x1080; 18:9 
Storage64 / 128 GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Battery3240 mAh
Camera (Rear)19mp RGB and 13mp monochrome
Camera (Front)?

• In addition to the specs, the spec sheet listed a microSD slot with expandable storage up to 400 GB.



Nokia 9

• A report has released tidbits on the upcoming Nokia 9 mobile device, which is being rumoured as being the next flagship device for the brand.

• The same report mentions the Nokia 9 will have an OLED screen with Fingerprint-on-Display technology. It will also contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

• The device may be released in September of this year, and come pre-installed with Android 9 (Pie).



Motorola One / One Power

• Both the Motorola One Power and the Motorola One is rumoured to be the brand's Android One devices.

• The One Power is rumoured to contain specs such as a 1080p display with a 19:9 aspect ratio, Snapdragon 636 SoC, dual-rear cameras with a 16 megapixel and a 5 megapixel, with a 16 megapixel front camera.


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