Nokia Developing New 'A1P' Flagship Mobile Phone

HMD Global are working with FIH Mobile, or Foxconn, to manufacture the next iteration of Nokia's flagship mobile device, according to

Codenamed "A1 Plus", "A1P", "AOP" and "A1 Plus Euro", this mobile device is expected to be the new Nokia 9 phone. According to the document, the phone will closely resemble the specifications of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, if their similar codenames are to be believed. The Nokia 8 Sirocco's codename during development was the "A1N".

While there are no specifics in terms of what specifications the mobile phone will contain, it is to be believed that it will have the Fingerprint-on-Display (FOD) technology, made possible with LG Display's OLED screens, which the Nokia 9 will also contain. The FOD technology is similar to the rumours of Samsung's Galaxy S10, which is also expected to have that technology on their devices.

The Nokia 9 will also contain the premium Qualcomm System-on-Chip, the Snapdragon 845, which is also found on other high-end mobile devices. This piece of information alone is enough to believe that the next Nokia phone will be contending with the other high-end mobile phones.

WinFuture go on to discuss how the Nokia 9 will probably launch with Android 9 (Pie, or P) pre-installed, with a possible release date of September 2018. However, until there is an official announcement from HMD Global, this is all just pure speculation.

Check out our mobile phone facts and rumours page for more "leaks" on the upcoming devices.


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