The State of Mobile Networks in Australia (Nov 2018 - OpenSignal)

In November of 2018, OpenSignal released their fourth report on the ‘State of Mobile Networks’ in Australia. When they last performed their mobile network check in April of 2018, Vodafone had jumped to the top of the rankings for each of OpenSignal’s performance metrics, while Telstra had failed to register a top-finish in any of the categories.

This time around, Telstra has topped three of the performance metrics, with the fastest download and upload speeds for 4G, as well as overall download speeds. Telstra had recorded 40.11Mbps download speeds on the 4G mobile network with 10.82Mbps upload speeds.

While Telstra did record the overall fastest download speeds at 35.11Mbps, it was their 3G speeds that set their network results back, coming in last for fastest 3G speeds compared to Optus and Vodafone.

Optus and Vodafone’s download speeds were separated only marginally. Optus edged out Vodafone with 37.86Mbps compared to Vodafone’s 37.58Mbps. On the previous report, all three providers finished above 33Mbps, so this latest result shows that the speed has improved across the board, raising the bar to 37Mbps.

Optus also scored three top-category finishes, with the fastest download speeds for the 3G network. Optus recorded 90.49% 4G availability, with Telstra and Vodafone close behind on 88.06% and 88.98% respectively, while Optus and Vodafone tied for 3G latency.

Vodafone continued with their excellent latency performance numbers for 4G; their previous 4G latency number of 30.3ms got a hairs-width faster, with 30.2ms speeds to retain top spot in this category. Optus got a lot faster, from 32.72ms to 30.99ms, bringing them closer to Vodafone’s 4G latency. Unfortunately, Telstra’s 4G latency actually went the other way, increasing from 38.15ms to 38.38ms.

While these individual performance indicators are handy to learn, what the bigger picture of this report shows us is that our 4G network capabilities are improving as an industry. Across the three providers, download and upload speeds are faster, with even more 4G availabilities than on the previous report.

There is nothing wrong with having different providers topping the categories through each report, as it does breed faster network improvements from the competitors.


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