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Upcoming Mobile Phone Release Calendar Australia

It can be so hard to keep track of all the latest mobile phones, due to a huge abundance of devices to choose from in stores and online. It's not uncommon for a mobile phone manufacturer to release several handsets a year, appeasing to the expensive premium-market, the mid-tier phone market as well as the entry-level budget phone market.

This page will be used to keep track of all the announced, and unannounced mobile phone releases in Australia. Check out this page daily for constant updates, as news become available.

Also, check out our mobile phone rumours and facts page for the latest facts and leaks regarding upcoming mobile phones.



• January-March - Samsung Galaxy X (rumour, foldable phone rumoured to be unveiled at CES 2019 in January, with a release soon after.)

• February - LG V40 (confirmed)

• March - Samsung Galaxy S10 (rumour, considering the S9 was released in March).

• April-May - LG G8 (rumour, LG G Series is predominantly released in this period).

• Unspecified - Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite (rumour)


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