What is Android One?

Android One is a program which Google has created for phone manufacturer's to opt into in order to run an unmodified version of the Android 8.0 (Oreo) operating system on their devices.

This is practically Google's answer to trying to solve the problems caused by the complex Android ecosystem, and therefore the program is designed to keep all the Android phones running consistently, with frequent updates, and therefore keeping users on an even playing-field.


What are the benefits of the Android One program?

Android One is a stripped back version of the operating system; as 'clean-slate' as possible in terms of pre-installed software. For the user, this means that the phone out-of-the-box will have little-to-no application bloatware from their phone manufacturer.

'Bloatware' is simply the name given to the pre-installed software or applications that are installed by the phone manufacturer. For example, when you buy the latest Samsung phone, you might find a whole bunch of Samsung-related apps that you might never end up using, or might begin uninstalling.

An Android One phone will not have this issue, except for one application that does allow you to contact your phone manufacturer or at least consult the phone manuals in case your device requires maintenance or fixing.

But the real main benefit of Android One is that because the software is so stripped back, from manufacturer modifications, new software updates will be available almost immediately from their initial release date. When an update is available, the Android One phones will get access to them first, because the manufacturer won't have to bother with their internal-build codes and the like. Whereas a user with a Samsung device may have to wait six months for the update, due to Samsung trying to prevent their software modifications from causing errors in the phone.

At this stage, Google has guaranteed that the regular software updates will be rolled out for two years, while security updates will have a three-year guarantee. The time-frame should allow for users to migrate over to new mobile devices, due to the older phones not being prioritised with these updates.


Which brands are in the Android One program?

Below are the following list of brands, with their lineup of phones that are in the Android One program.

This list will be updated as more brands opt-in or opt-out, as well as whether they are available for purchase in Australia.


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