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Will 2019 See the Rise of the 5G Smartphones in Australia?

At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 event that took place in late June, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau discussed with PCMag what the company had in store for 2019, and it is going to be a pivotal year.

Working with Qualcomm as well as seeking a partnership with a US carrier, OnePlus are planning on releasing a 5G-compatible smartphone into the United States market. Of course, the high-profile carriers in the United States are planning on turning on their 5G networks in the first half of 2019, which would mean that OnePlus will be looking at maximising their opportunity for sales if they can launch their next flagship to be the first 5G smartphone on the market.

However, what does this mean for Australia? Well, both Optus and Telstra have dedicated their time trying to put together their own respective 5G networks across the country, as they both try to reach the late-2019 deadline that they have set for themselves. However, it looks more likely that the 5G network for commercial use won't be made available until 2020, meaning that the likelihood of getting mobile phones with 5G compatibility will also be unlikely.

OnePlus haven't launched a device in Australia since they released the OnePlus 5, with their most recent device, the OnePlus 6 skipping the region. Going to OnePlus' website sees the statement that OnePlus has put future phone sales in the country on hold until "we're sure our Aussie fans can get the best OnePlus experience". 

Does the 5G network hold the key to unlocking OnePlus' next foray into the Australian marketplace?


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