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Nokia 2720 fold

2720 fold

  • Dimensions: 17.9 x 46.0 x 93.0 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Screen Size: 1.8 Inches
  • Device Control: Normal Keypad
  • Talk Time: 300 Minutes
  • Standby Time: 432 Hours
  • Camera Resolution: 1.3 Megapixels
  • Music Player: Yes
  • GPS:  -
  • Wi-Fi:  -
  • Bluetooth: v2.0
  • Available Colours: Black, Deep Red

Pros and cons

  • Create your own ringtones
  • Great design
  • No Gps
  • No Wi-Fi support

"Heaven on Earth?"


From time to time, there is a special phone coming into the market that just make you say: WOW

Nokia 2720 fold Video Review

From time to time, there is a special phone coming into the market that just make you say: WOW!!! I have had the chance to review Nokia 2720, a phone targeted to a competitive market, with a small form factor sizing of 93 x 46 x 18 and a weight around 90 grams. You will not notice it in your pockets, which is always very pleasant. The phone ships with a 860 mAh Li-Ion battery, that gives around 5.00 hours of intense usage and a standby time of 390 hours.

The phone storage is generous, a full 32.0 MB memory, to save contacts and talks. The terminal is completed with magnificent and large screen of 128 x 160 pixel; Bluetooth, a personal organizer, messaging and e-mail, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a music player, an FM radio, a voice recorder, a wireless Web browser, and an speakerphone. Almost a Swiss knife of phones.

The quality of the materials employed in the reviewed handset are really high, creating a device that looks robust while keeping a glamorous look, with its mirror-effect design and external display and from the variations of intense black and graphite used in the cover, and the silver like touch of the keys. A Deep Red version is expected to be shipped.

The 2720 will be delightful for the ringtones lovers, as the device includes a 32 chords ringtone ringer, able to map any ringtones you might want to upload to the terminal. As in all Nokia phones, the themes and skins used in the handset are customizable and will make the joy of the artist in you.

The application and game collection shipped with the Nokia 2720 , based on the java technology J2ME, provides users with fun games and interesting apps that can be used on the everyday tasks. Personal communication is provided with SMS, EMS and email, and we missed the social networks clients that are becoming a standard across all cell phones, and that allows users to connect to their preferred social networks, facebook, flickr, and other similar. But since it is OVI enabled, there should be the possibility to install the desired applications to complete the set of features. OVI for those who donĀ“t know, is the Nokia's alternative to the Apple's Appstore/Itunes, a central repository of content from which any user can download a huge variety of contents: music, games, apps, movies, ringtones and other high quality content for your cell phone.

As in all Nokia phones the text prediction system is using the T9 technology which is a system well proven across all their Nokia Phones, and that have become almost standard.

The Nokia 2720 is personal entertainment in motion; you can take rich pictures with the 1.3 mega pixel camera and send it as an email attachment or share over a Bluetooth connection, record video clips, tune into your favorite local radio station or listen to your music. A modern phone for modern people on the move.

In one sentence, what are you doing reading this review, and why haven't you you gone buy one? A top quality phone at a very competitive price.

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