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Sony Ericsson C903


  • Dimensions: 16.0 x 49.0 x 97.0 mm
  • Weight: 96 grams
  • Screen Size: 2.4 Inches
  • Device Control: Normal Keypad
  • Talk Time: 240 Minutes
  • Standby Time: 350 Hours
  • Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixels
  • Music Player:  -
  • GPS: Yes
  • Wi-Fi:  -
  • Bluetooth: v2.0 with A2DP
  • Available Colours: Black, White, Pink, Silver

Pros and cons

  • Cybershot 5MP Camera
  • Mega Bass Stereo Speakers
  • Internet connectivity
  • Dated design
  • No Wi-Fi

“Great photo quality”


The Sony Ericsson C903 is designed to take stunning pictures wherever life’s memorable events might occur. Remembering your most special times is as easy as sliding back the phone's lens cover and snapping a picture.

Sony Ericsson C903 Video Review

The Sony Ericsson C903 is designed to take stunning pictures wherever life’s memorable events might occur. Remembering your most special times is as easy as sliding back the phone’s lens cover and snapping a picture.

Unlike other mobile phones on the market, the Sony Ericsson C903 actually sports a high quality camera- an ultra thin 5 mega pixel wonder of technology. Even in its slim casing, the onboard camera manages to take the most stable, crisp photographs that you have ever seen on a mobile phone camera. You will not see any colour blurring or graininess in your photos, and at 5 mega pixels, the camera on the Sony Ericsson C903 will even give dedicated ‘point and shoot’ digital cameras a run for their money in picture quality! The camera phone is even much simpler to use than others, despite its astounding capabilities. There are a few dedicated camera buttons about the phone itself, and snapping a picture really is as easy as clicking once to activate the camera, sliding back your protective lens cover, and clicking again to capture the moment forever. What really sets the C903 apart from other camera phones is the output port on the device itself. This will allow you to display and edit your photos on your television set or your computer monitor.

To ensure that every moment is captured every time you take a picture, The Sony Ericsson C903 comes equipped with the latest in photographic technology. Each camera comes standard with face detection, which is capable of identifying three people within each frame, and Sony’s exclusive smile seeking software: Smile Shutter, which is capable of identifying the radiant smiles of your friends and family! The Best Pic feature will snap nine pictures in extremely rapid succession, allowing you to pick the best one out of the bunch and discard the rest, making sure that your photos will not be ruined by blinking or other photo faux-pas!

The function of the Sony Ericsson C903 does not end at its camera! You can dazzle your friends with your photographic prowess on the 2.4 inch screen that will even auto rotate your pictures. The display screen also acts as a top-notch venue for your favourite movies and videos, which you can transfer to the mobile phone and then watch later wherever you may end up in your adventures. If you are worried about becoming bored, then have no fear! The C903 is equipped with the latest in mobile gaming technology, able to play a wide variety of 3D games, and take advantage of the phone’s motion sensing capacity. With this sort of gaming technology, everyone will be able to find a game to either pass the time or in which to become completely engrossed. If video games really are not your cup of tea, then the C903 has a number of other entertainment options to keep you smiling. The phone’s music playing capacity in nearly unrivalled, as should be expected given Sony Ericsson’s glorious history in the speaker industry. The audio output encompasses stereo speakers equipped with Sony’s trademark Mega Bass technology. The C903 is also equipped with a functional web browser, which will keep you connected to the internet no matter how far you stray from home or your favourite internet café. The internet connection speed is extremely fast despite being a mobile phone, and will allow you to seamlessly watch your favourite Youtube videos on the go, so you will never be out of the loop on the next big viral phenomenon.

Though Sony Ericsson likes to call the C903 a mobile entertainment device, there is no reason that it cannot also function as a stellar mobile phone. It is equipped with the latest in network technology, making the device compatible with the latest 3G technology, which will provide you with the fastest connection speeds and data transfer rates available in wireless technology where a 3G connection is available. The C903 also sports backwards compatibility with previous generation networks, making it compatible with the widespread 2G, 2.5G, and Wi-Fi networks that pervade American society. This wide berth of connectivity will ensure that you are never disconnected on even your most globe spanning journeys.


By this point it should be fairly obvious that the Sony Ericsson C903 is the absolute cutting edge of camera phone technology, and if you need a versatile phone or simply a mobile entertainment device, choosing the C903 will ensure that you have a chic phone packed with enough entertainment to stave off boredom for hours!

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