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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1


  • Dimensions: 17.0 x 52.6 x 110.5 mm
  • Weight: 158 grams
  • Screen Size: 3.0 Inches
  • Device Control: Full QWERTY/Touch
  • Talk Time: 360 Minutes
  • Standby Time: 640 Hours
  • Camera Resolution: 3.2 Megapixels
  • Music Player: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: v2.0
  • Available Colours:  -

Pros and cons

  • 800 X 480 megapixels Display.
  • Metallic Finish.
  • Wi-Fi, GPS connectivity.
  • Poor screen visibility in sunlight.
  • Body is a little bulky.
  • Poor camera performance.

"Heavy on Skill, Hot On Looks"


Sony Ericsson has produced some great handsets over the years, and the Xperia is no exception. The Xperia could arguably be the best Windows Business mobile phone on the market. It’s a well-designed and an amazingly wel....

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Video Review

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1


Sony Ericsson has produced some great handsets over the years, and the Xperia is no exception. The Xperia could arguably be the best Windows business mobile phone on the market. It’s a well-designed and an amazingly well-engineered smartphone, with a huge touch-screen and a very comfortable QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

The phone not only looks great but it has the processing grunt to get some serious work done. Undeniably, the X1 will be a contender for the top smartphone spot.

Physical Aspect

The first thing that you notice when you pick up the X1 is just how well-designed the phone actually is. The body of the phone is constructed entirely out of metal; the down side of having such a body being that the phone is quite heavy, weighing in at 145 grams.

The second thing you will notice about the phone is just how narrow it is, compared to other smartphones on the market. The body of the phone is only 52.6 inches wide, allowing the phone to sit exceptionally well in your hand.

It is taller than most phones on the market, but the size is forgivable thanks to the amazingly well-designed and positioned slide out keyboard. The only fault we found with the keyboard was that the keys were on the small side.

The front of the phone is dominated by a 3 inch display that can produce an unbelievable 800 X 480 pixels, making it an exceptional choice for watching videos. The quality of the video playback can easily be comparable to a DVD player.

On the back panel you will find a 3.2 megapixel camera that is reasonable, but if you are purely looking for a camera phone, then there are other phones on the market that can produce much higher quality photographs.

Major Functions

The call quality and reception on Xperia is second to none. There was no hissing, echoing or crackling. Everyone we called, confirmed that the sound was fantastic.

When it came to surfing the net, the inclusion of Opera Mobile as the web browser made the surfing experience entirely more enjoyable, than with the traditional Internet Explorer, usually associated with Windows mobile devices.

Messaging is relatively straightforward with the expected inclusion of sms, mms, and emailing capabilities. The standard on-screen Windows mobile keyboard is available, however due to the extremely high resolution of the display, the keys were tiny, and we predict that most users would opt for the slide-out keyboard.

The X1 has a huge 1500Mah Li-Ion battery attached to it and it does not disappoint. With moderate usage of 3G data and a moderate amount of talk/text, we squeezed in, just under two full days out of the X1.


Sony Ericsson took their design cues from the PSP and PS3 and created an interface that is equally appealing as it is functional.

The “X-Panel” graphical User interface sits on top of Windows Mobile to help with the constant headache of trying to navigate through the overly busy UI that is Windows Mobile. The X-Panel consists of seven home screens, either aligned in a grid or displayed as a fan. Each home screen has a unique theme ranging from a multimedia page to a calendar page which not only keeps track of your current appointments but also has an rrs feed for your favourite websites.

Clean and streamlined, the media player features large icons and buttons that work well without a stylus. From the screen, you can watch movies, listen to music, view photos or even bring up your contacts list to make a quick call. Aside from the keyboard, this is probably our favourite feature of the X1.

Is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 worth it?

Those looking specifically for a Windows Mobile-powered device should give this long awaited device a serious look. For starters, the design is truly world class. You'll be hard-pressed to find a sexier phone in all aspects than this one here, and let's face it, design matters in this day and age.

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