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FOXTEL Multiroom Outlets - Prices Options FAQs

Sick of fighting over the TV when you want to watch you're favourite programs? Perhaps the family is getting bigger or you would like some intimate time alone to watch you want? Well it could be about time to give the kid's their own dedicated FOXTEL service (which can be monitored and controlled by the way) in a  separate room, or set up another TV in you're bedroom? FOXTEL Multiroom can do this, and what's more, it will only cost you a small fee.

What is FOXTEL Multiroom
Essentially, FOXTEL Multiroom is another Pay TV outlet with an additional Set-top-Box that you can tack on your existing FOXTEL Subscription at anytime. FOXTEL Multiroom can be installed in any room of your home and gives everyone the ability to watch different programs at the same time. That's right, no more fights over the remote... which means more peace of mind for you to enjoy. More than two TV's? Don't worry additional FOXTEL Multiroom outlets can be installed into 3, 4 or more rooms if required.

How much does FOXTEL Multiroom cost
FOXTEL Multiroom starts at $20 for a standard set-top-box. But hang on! If you subscribe to a FOXTEL Pay TV package with a FOXTEL iQ or FOXTEL iQ2 set-top-box then you can get a discounted price of only $15 per standard outlet (standard metropolitan installation). If that's not enough.... The current FOXTEL Special Offer is giving you a FOXTEL iQ set-top-box for free over the first 12 months which means you'll only have to pay for any additional FOXTEL Multiroom outlets that you want. Not bad huh!

Want to know more, or perhaps you've read enough and you want FOXTEL Multiroom now? The call a friendly FOXTEL Customer Representative on
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Search and compare FOXTEL Pay TV Packages
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