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ADULTS ONLY IS NOW AVAILABLE 24/7 ON A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONAdults Only is available on channels 960 and 961. The cost is $5.95 for a two hour block. For monthly subscriptions the cost is $19.95 for one channel or $29.95 for two channels. To upgrade to a monthly subscription call 131 999. For a 2 hour block press the BOX OFFICE button or call 1300 783 833 (this is an automated phone service)* Adults Only brings you two pay per view channels dedicated to adult entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Order 2 hours of Adults Only by pressing the BOX OFFICE button on your remote control or call 1300 783 833. *Only available on FOXTEL Digital phone ordering is not available on FOXTEL iQ. Please refer to the directory/pricing information page in your FOXTEL subscriber magazine for subscription terms and conditions.

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