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The unpredictable plane crash of Oceanic Air Flight 815 tests the strength of a handful of survivors forced to live together on a remote island located in the Pacific Ocean. Among the group is a doctor, a pregnant Australian woman, a former Iraqi Republican Guard, and a hardened criminal by the name of Sawyer. Throughout their journey, each individual is forced to question life and the people that they live amongst. From polar bears to the natives that inhabit the island, it is survival of the fittest as bonds are formed, lives are stolen, and mysteries remain unsolved.

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Season 1   "On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Air Flight 815 breaks in half flying over the Pacific and crashes onto an island. The main survivors - Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Sun, Charlie, Sayid, Michael, Claire, Shannon, Boone, and Jin - take the lead to help the 48 known survivors of the crash set up camp and look for a way off the island. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn the survivors' secrets. Through the season, the survivors are pursued by polar bears and a black smoke monster, Claire is kidnapped, the group finds a French woman living on the island, and a mysterious locked hatch is found. At the end of the season, the castaways see black smoke in the distnace, the French woman warns them that the ""Others"" are coming, and a group of the castaways prepare to try to blow open the hatch." Season 1 episodes


Season 2   "The second season of the show starts by revealing what the hatch discovered towards the end of the first season contained, thus answering one of the big questions left over from the previous series. However, new questions appear as the survivors discover that the passengers from the rear section of the plane have also survived, although in more brutal conditions. The leader of this group is a former police officer who is quick to result to violence. Besides introducing these new and controversial characters the show also focuses on the islands mythos and answers some of the questions about it." Season 2 episodes


Season 3   "In the third season of Lost the main focus is placed on The Others. Questions that have been raised before such as who they are and why are they on the island start to become answered as we see Jack, Kate and Sawyet interact with The Others' part of the island as they keep the three survivors hostage. The real identity of Henry Gale is revealed as well as new characters from The Others. Relationships are developed more as we continue to gain more insight on the survivors of Flight 815 and why they may have a connection with the island." Season 3 episodes


Season 4   "The fourth season of the television series Lost is acclaimed as the most well received by fans and critics thus far in the show's history. Also, the fourth season of Lost is arguably the most complex season to date as it follows several plot lines both on and off of the island. It should be noted that the season was cut somewhat short by a mid-season writers strike. Several of the season four episodes take place on a freighter off shore of the island. The Kahana freighter is owned by Charles Widmore. Therefore, it is expected that the goal of the freighter's crew is to kill all of the survivors on the island as well as to capture Ben Linus. Early in the season Sayid and Desmond travel by helicopter to the freighter. Upon arriving at the freighter Sayid and Desmond discover that Michael is working on the freighter under the alias Kevin Johnson. Although Michael has tried to kill himself several times, he has been unsuccessful. In season four Michael attempts to detonate a bomb on the ship in hopes of destroying the freighter and its crew, but the bomb does not detonate. Eventually, the helicopter from the freighter manages to rescue six people from the island; Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. A few of the freighter crew also have plot lines on the island after parachuting in at the end of season three. While Charlotte, Daniel, and Frank seem to be mostly trustworthy, freighter crew member Miles doesn't seem to be capable of being trusted. It is unclear through most of the season what these four members have actually come to the island to do. Frank, who was supposed to be the pilot of oceanic flight 815, is the pilot of the helicopter who rescues the oceanic six by getting them into the situation where they are eventually discovered by Penny's boat after the island has moved. Elsewhere on the island, Locke and Ben have a complicated series of interactions where Locke begins to learn more about Ben's relationship with Charles Widmore. These revelations include flashes of scenes off of the island that follow the oceanic six. Jack's life has begun to fall apart off of the island. He spends much of his time trying to convince Kate that they must return. Kate is now taking care of Aaron whom she rescued from the island. Kate is now pretending to be Aaron's mother. Hurley is back in the mental hospital where he receives visits from a few supernatural visitors, including Charlie, who warn Hurley that he must return to the island. Sayid is now working for Ben as a hit man off of the island. Finally, there is a scene between Ben and Widmore where they are in the same room, but they discuss how the rules prevent them from acting on what they wish to do. We learn more about Widmore's desire to find the island in this season. By the end of the season Jack and Kate are living together and taking care of Aaron. Sayid is still performing hits for Ben because Ben has helped Sayid to find the woman he freed from captivity, Nadia. Jin is presumed dead, leaving Sun to live alone. Finally, Locke has escaped the island and is making a round of visits before at the season's end the oceanic six gather a Locke's funeral. At the funeral, Ben tells the oceanic six that they must return to the island, and that they must bring Locke's body with them" Season 4 episodes

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