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At youcompare.com.au, we like things that are easy, and make sense. We think that's smart. Like, why spend ages on things that are meant to make your life easier?

That's why Adam, our boss, started youcompare.com.au.

Adam's a nice guy, but he was really frustrated that something like finding an internet or phone deal could be so confusing.

It started with broadbandguide.com.au in 2004 - a website that let people compare plan features side by side, and not just prices.

Australians couldn't get enough. They made us the number one internet comparison site in the country, and user traffic mounted.

It didn't take Adam long to work out that buying other products could be much easier with the help of a compare tool.

He knew from broadbandguide that people were looking at contract terms, plan features, after sales service and technical specs - not just price.

So, phones made sense. So did pay TV.

Soon, it was clear to Adam that any product that came with a contract was easier to buy when seeing how it stacked up against others.

In 2008, he launched youcompare.com.au.

Things have gone well. Today we're Australia's favourite comparison website. Adam is no longer frustrated about buying phones, broadband, insurance or even getting finance - and he's remained a nice guy.

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